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Natural Nosh - Raw Food Classes

Sally Rees is the founder of Natural Nosh and teaches raw food classes in Nelson.

If you're curious about the steps to take to eat more raw foods, you're in the right place, because Sally loves to inspire people to improve their eating habits so that they can live their lives with more vitality.

You've heard about eating more raw food but you're not really sure what that means let alone how to make food without cooking it. Maybe you're thinking that it's expensive; and you'll have to buy more equipment; spend more time in the kitchen preparing food for you, while the rest of the family want their usual food. Even though all these things are running through your head right now, please listen to your heart - it's obviously giving you a message for a reason. Maybe it's time to explore Natural Nosh.

Sally believes that raw foods can transform us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Sally helps people of all ages to improve their eating habits, to quickly see improvements in their health and regain their zest for life through workshops and coaching you to achieve your health goals.

Sally inspires you take your first  step and make a start today. There are 5 different classes depending where you want to start. She highly recommends the 'Power of Greens' class if you are a beginner. Just go to classes on the home page and have a look. In the meantime you might want to sign up for the Natural Nosh monthly newsletter where you'll receive not only recipes, tips about a range of subjects related to health and lots more interesting bits and pieces, but a great list of local and international resources for you to start learning about the wonders of raw foods.

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Sally Rees Natural Nosh Raw Food classes Nelson, New Zealand


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I love to inspire people to improve their eating habits so that they can live a long life, free from illness and pain.
If you need help call me on 0211 709 443. Business Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm.