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Natural Nosh - Raw Food 'Uncooking' Classes

Sally Rees is the founder of Natural Nosh and teaches raw and fermented food 'uncooking' classes in Nelson.

Could this be you by the end of the year ? . . .

  • Would you like to feel the best you've ever felt?
  • Your tummy is now flat and you can see your toes and paint your nails with ease
  • You have loads of energy even on a Friday
  • You've given up dieting for good
  • Your main health issues have reduced or gone for good
  • Your addiction to sweet foods has disappeared
  • You now crave 'fresh & clean' food at every meal.
  • You are no longer tempted by processed, tasteless, manufactured food

If you answered YES PLEASE!  to all of these, perhaps you'd like to know how that could happen for you. Understanding the reasons why you are not like this now will help you to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. This can happen for you, but it won't happen overnight and it will take some discipline to get there. Are you ready for it ? I'm here to support you on your journey. You can either work with me one-on-one, come to some of my classes or come to one of our monthly Sunday lunches to get a feel for some of the foods you could be eating. It doesn't mean that you will have to eat everything raw and uncooked, but a good amount of living foods will certainly help.

It might be a good idea if we had a quick chat first. Let's set up a call so that I can hear more about your situation and see if I can help.

You've probably heard about 'raw' food but you're not really sure what that means, let alone how to make food without cooking it. Maybe you're thinking that it's expensive; and you'll have to buy more equipment; spend more time in the kitchen preparing food for you, while the rest of the family want their usual food. Even though all these things are running through your head right now, please listen to your heart - it's obviously giving you a message for a reason. Maybe it's time to explore what Natural Nosh can offer you.

I know that raw foods can transform us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level from the inside out. I love to help people of all ages, mostly women, but not exclusively, to improve their eating habits, to quickly see improvements in their health and regain their zest for life through demonstrations, workshops, our monthly raw lunches and coaching you to achieve your health dream.

You will be inspired to take that first step and make a start. There are several places to start from depending where you are now and what you want. I highly recommend starting with "Radiance" my one day course which will give you a lot of basics, some good recipes and some of the reasons why it's so good for your body to eat raw living food.  Go to 'Events' on the home page and have a look. In the meantime sign up for our monthly newsletter where you'll not only find recipes, but tips about a range of subjects related to health, articles, info on gardening and growing your own food, plus a link to my radio show on Freshfm community radio and lots more.

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Here's what some students say about one of my raw food courses . . .

"Attending this course really opened my eyes not only to the health benefits of raw foods and their properties, but also to the vast range of foods that can be eaten raw with very little preparation. I love food, particularly low carbohydrate, high protein meals.  This course enabled me to build on an extensive range of foods I eat/use and add subtle differences to make mealtimes more interesting. I always try to eat well for health benefits but this course has enabled me to provide some really good guidance to friends who are struggling to eat healthy."  ~ JM, Nelson.

"The benefits I've enjoyed since the course are huge: variations in raw salads, motivation & excitement before meals, increase in saturation of all the senses, affirmation of my own health journey. Getting back the excitement of wanting to prepare meals.

The course is science based and Sally's knowledge on obtaining resources, publications, information, and ingredients is so broad it strengthened my resolve to back up my own experiences. The most significant improvements I felt were more energy, less tired and quicker responses. Go Sally, loved your course. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone.   Our community needs you."  ~RH, Nelson

I created Natural Nosh to show people how easy it is to heal their health issues with raw and fermented foods. I am dedicated to inspiring you to include more green juices, green smoothies, fresh green vegs & fruits in your diet. The benefits are outstanding on the inside as well as the outside !