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Raw Food Options for a Healthier You

A guide for you to help you to make wiser choices for your improved health


kefir grains

Milk Kefir Grains (includes RURAL delivery)

Includes grains, overnight courier with tracking, and rural delivery fee


kefir grains

Milk Kefir Grains - (NO rural delivery included)

Includes grains, overnight courier with tracking, NO rural delivery fee


Luxury Dates - with alcohol

I used amaretto liqueur for an extra hit of almond flavour .Give a little bit of luxury to a special person for a special occasion!


Luxury Dates - without alcohol

Luxury dates - without alcohol. Identical ingredients to dates with alcohol.


Water Kefir Grains

Water Kefir Grains (RURAL delivery NOT included)

Includes grains, overnight courier, but NO rural delivery fee.


Water Kefir Grains - (inc RURAL delivery).

Includes grains, overnight courier, and rural delivery fee.


Edible Weeds Booklet

A 26 page booklet identifying some of the most common edible weeds.


Kombucha Scoby - includes p & p anywhere in NZ (EXCEPT Rural delivery)

Kombucha scobies are available for purchase directly from me in Nelson for $10 or can be posted by overnight courier all round NZ for an extra fee.


Catered Raw Lunch

Every month Sally prepares a 3 course lunch for you.


Booklet Cover

The Fizzy Kitchen Information Booklet

26 pages with colour pictures and a selection of great recipes. You'll find the usual ones like kimchi, sauerkraut, brine pickles and other not-so-usual ones.


Nutmilk Bag or Sprouting Bag

Nutmilk Bag or Sprouting Bag

100% Unbleached Cotton - Won’t shrink