Seldom do I feel so inspired and enthused . . .

"Seldom do I feel so inspired and enthused immediately after a class - to rush home and start making things immediately was imperative !  Great teaching and notes to follow - thank you so much!" ~ Diane Sutherland

  • Diane Sutherland
  • Nelson, NZ

Great weight loss on raw foods

"Sally has inspired me to eat more raw foods, especially when she revealed that I don’t have to become a 100% raw foodie.
Within 5 weeks I lost 10 kg without hunger by eating delicious salads, and I have much more energy than before.
Her recipes are delicious and so easy to make. I highly recommend embracing raw food in your daily meals under
the expert guidance from Sally.”


A range of comments from participants in an Adult Education Programme at a local High School. 2019:

Lots of variety, hints and tips ! I learned I can do so much with raw food. Very good course - covered so much. Sally is very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. Great course, very fun. Was amazed by the versatility of raw foods and the health benefits. Sally is a great teacher ! Didn't realise there was such a range of raw foods ! 

  • Various
  • Nelson, NZ

"My husband and I both enjoyed the chance to learn new skills in a hands-on setting. Would recommend to others." 

  • Karen
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Sally's Fizzy Kitchen course was fantastic. I've learned so much and feel like I can now start my adventures making fermented foods at home. I love that we got to take home the stuff we need to get started with. A fab course !"  

  • Rebecca
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Come along. Worth the investment, you learn a lot from a very knowledgeable and passionate lady."

  • Louise
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Well worth going. Lots of interesting food ideas."  (Fizzy Kitchen Class)

  • AH
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Great class. I'm taking home valuable knowledge to make my family healthier."  (Fizzy Kitchen Class) 

  • Michelle
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Very informative. Come with an open mind and try everything." (Fizzy Kitchen Class)

  • JS
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"This class is excellent  (Fizzy Kitchen). Very good if you are a beginner or even if you have some experience. Highly recommend it."  

  • Tina
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Come along - it's fun and enjoyable and you'll learn a lot."

  • Phil
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Loved the class! I'm inspired to go and experiment with raw food at home. Will be back for another class."  

  • Jane
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"I loved Sally's style - she is easy to learn from." 

  • Rose
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Thank you very much for sharing all your wisdom so generously Sally. That was a very inspirational class!  I loved the beautiful tasting food. Tastes amazing and feels very healthy." 

  • Edith
  • Nelson, New Zealand

“Come along to the next available class, have your previous thinking challenged, your horizons broadened, learn new things, meet other like-minded people and enjoy fresh tastiness” 

  • Sarah
  • Nelson, New Zealand

"Loved the class! I'm inspired to go and experiment with raw food at home. Will be back for another class." 

  • Laura
  • Nelson, New Zealand

Fermented Foods Classes held recently (October 2023)

Question: tell us what you learnt . . .

Heaps ! everything I need to know about fermentation !

Sally is great knowledgeable and has such enthusiasm!

Very informative. Learned a wide range of fermented foods

How delicious fermented foods are. How healthy it is and easy to make

This has given me the confidence to expand my ferments range


Question: What else would you like to learn?

Anything else along this line - or a repeat!  Thank you Sally!

Thank you for organising this at an affordable price.