Why Should I Eat More Raw Foods

That's a great question !

If you are suffering with any kind of illness, pain, disability, mental illness, disease etc your body will benefit a great deal by eating more 'alive' raw foods. Raw 'uncooked' foods contain live enzymes which are the key to your life - without them we would be dead !  As we age, our body cannot make as many enzymes for itself so it 's important that we supplement with some raw foods which are full of them. Food that is heated over 42-45 C contains no live enzymes so we must ensure the food is either cold or warm. Yes you can heat raw food but not over that temperature. That's good news if you want to eat raw foods in the cooler months. Heat your soup in a dehydrator (if it's the one with a door opening out) or in a very low oven or in a water bath.