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I love to inspire people to improve their eating habits so that they can live a long life, free from illness and pain

Sally Rees Natural Nosh Raw Food classes workshops Nelson NZ

Sally Rees, Raw Foods Teacher and Chef, Nelson.

Dip Home Sc (Otago) | City & Guilds II (London, UK) | Dip Teaching (Sec) | Dip Art & Creativity

My entire career has been working with food in many different environments, different countries even - but somehow I never felt fulfilled. Something was missing and I couldn’t work out what it was. But I hung in because I knew there must be something that I wasn’t getting. Little did I know that it would be concealed in a fart. The only benefits I could see were that I was developing an expansive set of skills.

In total I stayed at it for the best part of 40 years, however it was in the past 10 years that I really found my passion and eventually it evolved into an exciting new field. I had read a lot of health-related books over the years and many of them kept talking about the benefits of a high raw diet. I stored the information away. And then I had an experience that I won’t forget. . . .

It was one evening a few years ago when I was at a close friend’s home for a small party. She had a cat and we were in her lounge chatting with a couple of others. The cat was in the room and I was kneeling on the floor enjoying the conversation. From the depths of my tummy I had that dreaded feeling of a big fart gathering momentum. I tried my hardest to hold it in, crossed my knees even – but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. It was a mother-of-all stinker ! I nearly died of embarrassment and pretended that nothing had happened. It stayed around for a long time – or so it seemed. Nobody said a word about it and so I hoped that they thought it was the cat.

After the party ended my dear friend asked me if I knew where that smell was coming from. I had to ‘fess up and tell her it was me, red faced and breaking into a laugh to hide my embarrassment. A few days after that I decided I would commit to getting to the ‘bottom’ of this awful problem that I had had for several years. I didn’t want this to ever happen again. I’d had enough of the embarrassment. I remembered the books I had read and what they had said about raw foods so I made a promise to myself that I would start making raw foods a big part of my diet. I’m happy to say I’ve never looked back and now I very seldom suffer from that problem. Because I was highly motivated to change, I knew I had to make a plan to support myself. First I needed to know how I wanted to feel in social situations with a calm, settled tummy.  Next I had to find other ways to support myself on a daily basis. Obviously my pantry needed an overhaul. My habits needed to change and I probably needed to learn a few (more) easy skills!

I found that this was quite a natural thing for me to do, because I’ve spent so long in the food industry, but then I thought there must be others who had similar problems and wouldn’t know the first thing to do to get started. So I put the steps that I’d taken together into a sequence to make it easy for others with health issues to transition into eating fresher, cleaner, better quality food. Et voilà - I found that missing fulfillment ! I know I’m on the right track by the wonderful feedback I receive from the people I help. I get such a buzz and love showing them how to help themselves to do what I did and it's what I do naturally and am lucky to be able to earn my living doing it.

So if you have discomfort anywhere in your body, even if it’s just a big fart or two waiting to pop out at an inopportune moment, and haven’t yet found the cause, I can show you how I made the transition to eating more raw foods, stopped the embarrassment and drastically changed my health. The process is just 4 simple steps that will make it so easy for you. It’s called the “Get More Life in Your Life” process.

I mostly work with women who want to live in glowing health for the rest of their lives and the thing that makes me different is that because I have been trained as a Home Economics teacher as well as in the classical French way of cooking, I can help you give your food that professional edge.


Qualified Raw Teacher Training Intensive

Karen Knowler, from UK, is a recognised leader in the raw food world and has been on a raw diet for 20+ years.

Tasty Life Coaching qualification

I completed the Tasty Life Teacher Training Programme in 2017 after a great year of support and guidance from Jennifer Cornbleet and her team. Learn more HERE

Sally Rees Natural Nosh Nelson Raw Food Classes

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