I love to inspire people to improve their eating habits so that they can live a long life, free from illness and pain

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Back in the 70s I worked at Cranks Vegetarian Restaurant in London and was vegetarian myself for all of that year and survived !

That was the very beginning of my desire to change my eating habits.

I loved working there with many other Kiwis and Australians. Next door there was a Cranks fruit and vegs shop with health supplements as well as health and nutrition books which I loved reading.

Eye-opening !

I learned so much about the healing benefits of raw foods and a spark was awakened in me. . The restaurant had a juice bar and lots of beautiful fresh salads that I took advantage of and inspiration from.  I still use their amazing foolproof wholemeal bread recipe. Subsequently I've read many fabulous books on the subject and keep on learning all the time.

I was hooked.

When I left and travelled a bit more I gradually went back to eating a bit of meat. Old habits die hard !

On returning to NZ I found two wonderfully inspiring foodie magazines from Australia and poured over them drooling every time I opened a page. A lot of the recipes included meats of some kind. I wasn't discouraged. I worked at many temp cooking jobs in Australia and each time I just knew that I didn't want to work with the standard western diet in the future. I knew it was having a really bad effect on our health, but it took me a few years to do anything about it for myself.

Those magazines - so inspiring !

Several years later I bought an A la carte restaurant in my home town - Nelson. I designed the menus – different every month – did the cooking - ordering and all the shopping. I often took those magazines to bed with me to find ideas for each new menu, pulling out sauces to go with different meats and putting different combinations of foods together.

I worked such long hours that I didn’t spend enough time feeding myself. At home the fridge was bare. All I did was work and sleep. I have no idea how I survived for 5 years on that routine with so little food. Not much meat either :)  A few years later I bought a run-down bakery in Wellington and everything around me was carbohydrate so my eating became worse over a period of a year. Not surprisingly I developed chronic hives which lasted over 2 years before I realised that it was my poor diet plus major stress that had caused it.

Fast forward several years and back in Nelson, I was looking for a source of income. With more knowledge and renewed inspiration I started teaching a raw foods class at a local high school Adult Education Programme and was surprised to see a really good response from the public.

Classes were full.

I had by this time introduced more healthy foods into my diet and was reaping the benefits with loads more energy and some weight loss. I was so excited to share this information with others.

I had to search for sources of raw foods that I could use in the classes. I found places to buy fresh fruits & vegs -  nuts and seeds - and other pantry items and I started growing lots of green vegs in my own garden. 

The transformation I experienced was amazing !

I went on to hold my own regular classes on both raw foods and fermented foods. Fermentation is still a passion and I make lots for myself and some to sell. Fermented foods were becoming popular so I included those in my classes too.

As I'm writing this I have just completed a 7 day water and juice fast and feel fantastic - alive - healthy - light - and I've dropped a few kilos in the process.

I can't keep this information to myself !  I want to tell the world. I know it is the best path to beauty and radiant health. I want to share with you how I have arrived at where I am now, the pitfalls and challenges that sometimes have to be faced and ho to overcome them.

It's time for me to impart that knowledge to others so they can have the same transformation that I had so that they can look forward to a disease-free future.

I have put together a one day course called "Radiance" that will introduce you to some of the theory and some of the techniques you'll need, some of the equipment that makes it easier and the steps you need to take to attain your best self. You will learn how to stick with it and not get distracted. You'll learn how to plan your meals ahead to be more efficient so that you are supported by these practices. I will tell you where to get the supplies you'll need locally and online places too. When you leave the class you will have all the info you need to permanently change your eating habits and will know for sure that this way of eating is the easiest way to better health. No diets, no counting calories, or making special foods. Most meals can be made with the food you have in your fridge and cupboards already. I'll teach you how to overcome your sweet cravings too. You'll learn how to manage eating this way even with others in your family who want to eat their own way and how to eat on social occasions.

You will feel confident to make better food choices, knowing and understanding the reasons why. So that you can take care of your family’s health now and in the future. You will learn basic meal preparation and recipes to create lots of delicious and enticing meals for yourself and your family. This could be the kick that you need to recover your inner glow and to bring out your inner radiance.

If this sounds like you and you want to take action now, ring me or email me to book in.
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Sally Rees Natural Nosh Nelson Raw Food Classes

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