15 Tips for Eating More Raw Food

By Karen Knowler, UK Raw Food Expert

The topic of diet is fascinating, no doubt, but the way our body responds to things (food being one of them) can vary dramatically from person to person. There is way more to health and physiology than meets the eye. You should always remain in total control of your choices and decisions, because, apart from the rare exception, you know your body better than anyone.

That being said, there are always some guidelines that I am happy to share because they’re GREAT for everyone. I felt it really important, both for newer readers and for those of you who need some pointers or reminders, to share these with you, because it’s the perfect time to re-assess your diet and get it spick-and-span while the sunshine energy is with you!

So here follows my 15 Can’t-Go-Wrong Tips for Eating Raw.

1) Rinse your body through with at least one large glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink it warm and/or with lemon juice if this makes it easier for you.

2) Drink at least 6 pints of liquid per day, either through pure water, smoothies or fresh juices. If going for smoothies and juices, go careful on the fruit – your body will thrive better on veggies and greens.

3) Drink away from your meal time – no closer than 30 minutes before eating, and no sooner than 3 hours after eating.

4) Only eat when hungry – yes, even breakfast. Your body will tell you when it needs feeding via hunger.

5) Aim for one vegetable juice or superfood smoothie per day, minimum.

6) Fruit, when eaten, should be eaten before a main meal, never after, otherwise you run the risk of fermentation, gas and bloating.

7) Eat something green and organic at every main meal.

8) Eat at least one large leafy green salad per day OR drink one large green juice OR make one green smoothie.

9) Eat sprouted foods every day for maximum vitality and energy. These are one of the most superior raw food groups and yet all too commonly ignored.

10) If you’re eating more-raw eat a large fresh organic salad with each cooked meal.

11) If you’re eating all-raw, eat at least one high density food in adequate amounts with your large fresh organic salad per meal (examples: flax crackers, sprouted wheat bread, nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, pâté, sprouted beans)

12) Avoid desserts wherever possible – eat them as a snack 3 or more hours after dinner. Desserts clog you up and even raw ones are not always that “healthy” in terms of fat and sugar content.

13) Try to go for savoury snacks over sweet ones. The sweeter ones, such as dried fruits and snack bars, are more likely to knock you off balance, stick to your teeth, and can exacerbate cravings and mood swings. Try a handful of sprouted sunflower seeds or some dehydrated crackers for something a bit more interesting and satisfying. Dried pumpkin seeds are my snack of choice when I’m on the go and they’re incredibly nutritious.

14) Make sure you have adequate time to prepare, eat and digest before getting back to business.

15) Try to eat no later than 7pm every night. If the sky is dark, your body is also shutting down for the day and digestion will be more difficult. It’s also great to go to bed feeling “calm” or even a little bit hungry. You’ll sleep so much better for it and you will dramatically reduce the chances of waking up puffy eyed!

16) Remember that you need to love what you do, love what you eat and love the way you feel – this above all must be true.



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