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    "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Thy Food" ~ Hippocrates



Your Challenge . . . . .

For any month in the year I would love for you to give this exercise a serious amount of thought and go for it, even if you're thinking that it's too much to achieve for this busy time of the year. If you're thinking what's more important - my busy schedule or my health - you only need to stop for a few minutes and check in with yourself, listen to what your body is telling you. Just ask the question "Is this a good time to do a health challenge? Listen for the answer inside yourself and know that you're always hearing the right thing to do. It's never wrong and it's always for your very best - it will never lead you from your right path.

So here's the challenge:

Here's a list of different things to do for the next month - until the end of the month.Note that it's easier to start on the first of the month.  Read through the list and pick the item that first appeals to you and you know that you can achieve without too much effort. Ah, but wait. Now I'd like you to step up to the next level and pick the option that's one above the first one you chose. That will give you a little bit of a stretch and it's always out of our comfort zone that we make the most growth and change and the most powerful shifts happen. It may be hard the first time but after a while, and doing it more than once, that it will gradually become your new comfort zone. Then the next time you do this you will be able to progress up the ladder to the option at the top. Woohoo - you've made it !!!  Congratulations - what a great effort. How do you feel ??  Go on answer that question and write it down.

The list starts from the hardest to do going down to the easiest with least effort required.

  1. Water fast for 3 days or more
  2. Water fast for 1 day a week
  3. Water fast for 1 day
  4. Juice fast for 3 days or more
  5. Juice fast for 1 day a week
  6. Juice fast for 1 day
  7. Make 1-2 meals per day a green juice or green smoothie
  8. Replace 1 meal per day with a green juice or green smoothie
  9. Follow a structured detox programme such as the master cleanse or other
  10. Eat 1 less meal per day or eat less at each meal
  11. Only eat when really hungry
  12. Eat your lst meal earlier in the day, no later than 6pm
  13. Revolve at least 2 meals per day around greens
  14. Limit the amount of nuts that you eat - experiment with skipping a day or a week and see/feel the difference to see what works best for you
  15. Make as much of your food as organic as possible
  16. Make as much of your food locally grown and seasonal as possible
  17. Stop eating foods that you KNOW are not doing you any good (intellectually)

That's it !  So once you have decided which one to do, you will need to write it in your diary/planner. Arrange your life around it which means do the necessary shopping and re-arranging events.

Make the commitment in your mind first - it will make it easier. And remember if it's a commitment there is no going back or changing plans or finding an excuse why you can't possibly do it.  If a friend rings you up to go for a coffee (or anything else) you will have to say NO not today.

We will have a Zoom session once a week so that you can ask questions and tell us all how you are doing. It's really really good to do this as it's so necessary to have support to do these challenges - in fact I can definitely say that it probably won't happen unless you join in on Zoom. So every Wednesday evening at 7pm we will hop onto Zoom.  Send me your email so that I can send you the link - that's all you have to do.

Let's do this !!

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