How to ferment fresh fruit

Using an Agee jar, fill almost to the top with cut up ripe fruit. Remove stones if using stone fruit like peaches or nectarines. Leave skin on. Avoid washing if possible as the bacteria live on the skin.

Add about 2 tablespoons raw sugar to the jar and fill with filtered water just enough to cover the fruit. It's important to keep air out of the jar as it's an anaerobic ferment. Make sure the fruit remains under the water at all times otherwise you will see a white mould looking thing forming on the fruit. This is Kahm and not poisonous, but needs to be removed.

Leave on the bench at room temperature for 2-3 days. You'll see bubbles forming in the jar. Turn jar upside down once a day to help distribute the sugar. Taste the fruit and if it's to your liking, (it might have a slight tang which is fine), strain the fruit out and keep the liquid.

Pour the liquid into a wire clip jar and seal for 24 hours. Leave on the bench. You will need to 'burp' the liquid every day unless you want an explosion !  After a day or so transfer bottle to t he fridge for longer storage. You'll still need to burp it every day to be safe.

Drink when you like the taste. An extra flavouring can be added when you've transferred liquid into the bottle. For example add berries, apple pieces, figs, cinnamon, cloves or whatever you like.

KEEP IN FRIDGE after the first day in the bottle.


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