What's all the fuss about raw foods ?

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Why eat raw Foods ?
I would reply to that with 2 more questions related to your health first and then you can also apply them to your life in general:

1.  "What do you want?" 
2.  "Why do you want that?"

Answer those for yourself - yes write them down in a book. If you can't find answers that really give you the AHA scroll down to the end of this article for how you can get to that AHA.*
Then look at your life right now.
How big is the gap between the two scenarios, where are you now and where is it that you want to be? (Regarding your health)
How does that feel for you ? Name those feelings, write them down.

If I was to look at the words you wrote down I think these would be some of them . . . .
overwhelming, lost, scared, where do I start, it's too much to cope with, I can't do this, I need help, that's too much for me, I can't have that anyway, so why bother? etc
Here's another question that might help you . .  .  How do you eat an elephant ?
Yep, one bite at a time. It can't be done any other way !

So I'm going to tell you now what you can expect from eating more of your food uncooked and in its natural state, I'm referring especially to leafy green foods. I want to reassure you that you can dream big because your dream is totally possible and within your grasp.

Here are some of those things . . . . . .
1. You will feel your body awaken and thrive - know what that feels like - probably not. There's a saying that "You will never know how good you can feel"
2. Eating more green foods can take your body from average health to the realm of energised wellbeing and resistance to disease
3. If you're very sick your health can completely transform
4. The ageing process slows down - there's no need to end your life in a rest home hospital !
5. The risk of developing all the main degenerative diseases of our time will fall dramatically
6. Any excess weight you carry will naturally and effortlessly fall away
7. Your skin will glow
8. Allergies and gastro-intestinal problems will dissipate
9. All your health problems that have defied mainstream medical treatment will either be eliminated or reduced in severity
10. Quality of life will improve, you will remain disease free and achieve maximum longevity
11. People with diabetes, cancer and every condition from acne to AIDS have been healed
12. You will have no need for Medical Insurance
13. Your sex life will be off the charts !
14. You'll be filled with an amazing sense of peace
15. You will be able to really live your life without limits
16.Your health and life will transform

Shall I continue . . . . . ?   I think you get the picture.

Note: As I write this list I'm so inspired and fired up myself and wondering why I am not following my own advice. . . . ?  I certainly am to an extent but not nearly enough, so I can appreciate if you're feeling the same way - it's hard to do it on your own. We all need support to achieve our goals and a tribe of like-minded people around you can make all the difference. I need a tribe too and the people who resonate with me here are my tribe and I want to tell you that I need you, just as much as you might need me.

So, to continue . . . .

The healthier we are and cleaner we are inside our bodies, the more nutrition we can utilize from a single piece of fruit so we don't have to eat a lot to satisfy and nourish our bodies.  Some of the longest living people who live in the 'Blue Zones' don't eat a lot, but eat simply, fruits and greens, fresh fish, few nuts and roots and raw milk from goats. The aim then is to increase the leafy greens and vegetables until they are about half of what you eat in a day, followed by fruits, and the other things.

Wild plants and herbs (greens) have over one hundred times the nutritional power of anything raised by man. Wild plants are survivors, their roots sometimes go down many metres to the mineral rich soil below, bringing up the nutrients to the leaves. So include as many wild plants as possible in those greens - they're free and usually available close by. Get to know them. Get out in the fresh air and make friends with them. Grow them in your garden, learn about the health of the soil so the nutrient content of the plants is high.

So, it's your choice now, Why don't you start right now to heal yourself and become a shining example to all your friends and family of how amazing you really can be. Start by only putting things in your body, mind and spirit that are made by Mother Nature - food that grows in nature, thoughts that make you feel good and love. that's it. Keep it simple.

If you're finding it hard to start cleaning up your diet, know that I have been there in those trenches and am just a few steps ahead of you. I have some knowledge and skills to be able to help you get started, like the plane taking off - it requires much more impetus and 'oomf' to get off the ground, but when it's airborne it moves along quite easily. 

I'm available for hourly sessions right now to help you, walk alongside you, give you some encouragement to get you going. I'm also putting together a 4 week programme which will be for you if you're someone who wants to move from where you are now to where you want to be. It will be a hands on programme, with visits to a shop or 2, and to your own kitchen for a pantry 'evaluation'.  Let me know if that's what you've been looking for.

Here are a few good quotes that I love. . . . .

"If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"
"It's never too late to be what you might have been"
"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."  ~Mark Twain

To find your WHY just ask yourself one question to start "Why do I want xyz?'
Then ask again "Why is that important to me?"
Then ask again "Why would I want that" or "Why is that important to me?"
Then again "Why is that important to me?"
Do this 5 times and you will very likely get to your "AHA so that's it !!"
Let me know how you get on with it - I'd love to hear.


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