Why you need to eat more fruit

I sent this article out to my email subscribers recently and thought it would be good to put up here too so more of you can read it. I've been avoiding starting a 'proper' blog lately, but found that I really enjoyed writing this so no doubt there will be more similar ones coming up. I'm uncertain if I can do it regularly so for now the posts will be now and again.  Hope you enjoy it !

If you really want to make a difference to your health and quality of life it is important to stick to as much raw unheated foods as possible, not only that but make the majority of your intake green leafy vegetables and whole fruit.  Our bodies will thrive, in a relatively short time, in proportion to the amount of these two food groups we consume. Green smoothies are an excellent way to get a bulk amount of greens, as well as fruits, into us. Did you know that we can live on them alone - they are so full of good nutrition, fibre and everything our body needs to keep it in perfect condition. Contrary to popular opinion whole fruit is an essential food for people with many common illnesses

There are many different forms of sugar as well as so many different kinds of water in the world. Just think of water from melted snow on a mountain, water from our taps, water in a bottle, etc. The same is true for sugar - all sugar is not the same - all sugar is not bad ! The sugar in fruit is not the cause of illness. In fact whole fruit with it's high fibre, water and dense supply of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, is THE BEST food source you can eat. In fact we can't survive without it - it surpasses the nutrition of any other food. And it provides us with the highest quality of sugar on the planet (fructose). Fruit has amazing properties that soothe your adrenal glands, strengthen your entire endocrine system, repair your vascular system, restore your liver and revitalise your brain  - there's no other food that enhances so many of your bodily functions as fruit. Your body can't function unless it has a good supply of the simple molecule of glucose which is the end product of fruit metabolism.


I love to start my day with fruit - either as a smoothie or a few slices of juicy fresh pineapple, kiwifruit, pears, oranges, sometimes alone, or cut up in a bowl with some cashew cream poured over and ground linseeds and sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. I feel light, energetic and satisfied, ready to start my day.

It's best to eat fruit on it's own before a meal or anytime of the day. Or combine it with green leafy vegetables or other raw vegetables. It digests quickly and easily in the stomach and passes through the body and into the blood in a matter of minutes. If you eat it after a meal consisting of protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and cooked foods which take much longer to digest and pass through your system, it will start bubbling as it decomposes on top of that load and cause discomfort along with bloating and wind which is not pleasant.

I'm feeling more and more excited as I read about how essential fruit is for us. Just as well I love it ! Keep reading . . .

Avoid processed sugar - that is great advice !  But do not avoid whole fruits. Eating more of these is similar to drinking from a fountain of youth and health.
Fruit is anti-cancerous and is the most powerful natural weapon in the fight against this disease. The same goes for vegetables but they aren't quite as powerful as fruit (about three quarters less) so if your fruit intake is low, balance that with a lot more raw vegetables.

Fruit contains critical components like polyphenols (berries, other fruits, vegetables), resveratrol, (grapes, blueberries, cranberries) and other anti-oxidants which are very strong cancer killers. It appears the incidence of cancer is increasing and in relation to that the fruit consumption world-wide is decreasing. Not difficult to understand with the advent of so many fast food eating places popping up in all our towns, even in NZ.  Fruit is also a strong weapon against viruses and bacteria. Wild blueberries, apples, bananas and pawpaws (papayas) are some of the most powerful destroyers of viruses on earth. Fruit also kills candida cells !  The best way to improve from fatty liver or liver disease and or hepatitis C is to eat fruit and raw vegetables. Fruit protects the liver by providing the organ with the glucose reserve it needs in order to function and prevent illness and to stabilise blood sugar.

Women especially can keep well and avoid tumours, fatigue and PCOS and other issues by eating a high proportion of fruit. Fruit will prevent parkinson's, alzheimers, dementia, memory loss and other neurological diseases, eg ALS. This is due to the fact that oxidation in our bodies is responsible for the ageing process and muscle breakdown, so eat more foods containing anti-oxidants which is FRUIT.  One of the best fruits to eat is wild blueberries - the low-growing bushes without sprays. These are the most anti-oxidant rich foods and a powerful food for your brain. Best to grow your own in a tub or garden.

No other food is as effective at preventing disease, killing pathogens and repairing the body as fruit. Fruit should be your friend !  Haha it's true then - "An apple a day does keep the doctor away"




Reference: "Medical Medium: Secrets behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal." Anthony William.  Pub: Hay House, Chapt 20 www.medicalmedium.com

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