Do you stress too much when preparing meals, maybe need a big tidy-up and sortout?


Not after I've been in your kitchen for a couple of hours, it won't !


Did you know I offer a Kitchen Makeover service to help you organise your kitchen and improve your life?

I've been wanting to do this for people for a long time and today the idea just popped into my head again so it must be time.

Imagine preparing and cooking your food without the stress of searching for tools and ingredients taking up more of your precious time than necessary. Not to mention the exasperation and frustration and perhaps a headache or two !

After a long hard day at work you just want to get the meal on the table as fast as possible so you can sit down and relax with your family. To make matters worse, the kids are hanging around squawking and bickering and you can't get anything done with that background noise. 

Having a tidy organised kitchen will make your life so much easier and pleasurable. Imagine knowing where everything is and it all has it's own place so you can find it in a moment.

You can clearly see when supplies are getting low and can quickly add it to your shopping list.

You probably know that some of the foods in the cupboards aren't the best for you or the kids but haven't got around to throwing them out.  I will help you with that one !  I can recommend healthier options and replacements for foods you no longer want to eat. and tell you where you can buy them - either in bulk or at the local shops.

The Tidy Angel will come and sort out your pantry, your fridge, your cupboards, and everything else that needs a refresh so you can go straight to them when you want them.

You'll go from 'chaos in the cupboards' to 'neat and tidy' in a matter of a few hours. You'd like that wouldn't you ?

After all, it's usually the space you spend most time in so wouldn't it be great if it was your most enjoyable space !

As you may know, I've been house-sitting lately and I've come across some eyesores in a very short time. I was itching to have a good old clean out but had to resist the temptation - lol

If you're getting constant headaches or migraines it could even be the lighting - I can even send you in the right direction for better lights too.

I'm a very logical person and I love systems that work. Let's get some easy systems set up in your kitchen now to make life easier for you !

Get in touch with me if you'd like a visit from the Tidy Angel soon !

See below for pricing options . . . . .



Level 1

  • 1 hour evaluation
  • $80 per hour

I'll look over your kitchen and in the hiding places, help you with storage ideas and recommendations of how to make your kitchen work better.

Includes tips for organising, storage and advice on better food options. At your place

Call me now if this suits you best

Level 2

  • 2 hours - Let's roll up our sleeves

  • $80 per hour

We'll clear the cupboards, restore and reorganise order in your kitchen.

I'll give you some storage options and help you declutter.

Call me now if this option is better

Level 3

  • 3 hours - The Whole Package

  • $80 per hour

We'll tidy up the cupboards as in level 2 and then clear out the food areas where I will recommend some better food options to improve your family's health. Lots of tips and recommendations on where to buy particular items. If t here's time after that we will prepare a raw dish together.

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The first 3 people who book a 3 hour session will receive 20% discount!