Raw Food Options for a Healthier You

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A guide for you to help you to make wiser choices for your improved health



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This A5 flip chart booklet contains raw alternative choices for cooked foods you may be eating currently. Also there are a lot of recipes to start you off on your journey to vibrant health, plus a few notes on nutrition. A handy size that fits into most handbags.

This is what people are saying about this booklet . . . .

"The Booklet was more informative than I initially expected. I found it very helpful especially the swap options. was easy to read and a great layout. I haven't done any of the recipes yet so need to come to your next demo or meal as it's all new to me" ~ P.W. Nelson

"I found it very informative and really liked all the swap suggestions. I haven’t made any of the recipes, partly because I really don’t cook much (husband does the cooking! [☺️] ) and partly because some seemed too complicated or didn’t appeal. Would like some more “beginner” simpler basic recipes."  ~L.L. Nelson


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